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Fullstack GraphQL and Vue.js

GraphQL is indeed changing the way APIs are built and many companies and developers are already adopting it because of the great features it introduces over REST. Learn GraphQL by building a fully featured fullstack application with Node.js and Vue.js. This course does not only teach you how to build a real world GraphQL API from scratch, but also how to consume the API in a Vue.js app.

Fullstack GraphQL and Vue.js
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Hi, I'm Chimezie Enyinnaya, @ammezie on Twitter. A self-taught software developer based in Lagos, Nigeria, with over 8 years of experience. I enjoy teaching what I have learnt and what I'm currently learning so that others can benefit from it. I'm a technical content creator for and Pusher. I also run a YouTube channel where I share tutorials on modern web development.

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@ammezie has always done very good tutorials and articles for @adonisframework. If you wanna commit to this framework, I truly recommend you to subscribe for this course 👌🏼

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