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GraphQL from Ground Up

Learn GraphQL by building a fully-featured API with Node.js.

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GraphQL is indeed changing the way APIs are built and many companies and developers are already adopting it because of the great features it introduces over REST. This is a practical course where you’ll learn GraphQL by building a fully-featured API for a forum completely scratch. We’ll start with a gentle introduction to GraphQL and look at some of it improvements over REST, then we gradually move on to building a GraphQL API. This course does not only teach you how to build a real world GraphQL API from scratch, but also some of the best practices from the GraphQL community.

What you'll learn

  • What's GraphQL and its improvements over REST
  • Understand GraphQL schema and type system
  • understand GraphQL scalar types
  • Create custom scalar types
  • Understand resolvers
  • Integrate database with GraphQL
  • Understand how GraphQL operations such as query, mutation and subscription works
  • Handle file uploads in GraphQL
  • Authentication and authorization
  • Understand GraphQL directives
  • Create custom directives
  • Pagination
  • Query optimization with Dataloader
  • ... and much more

Course outline

What is GraphQL 02:31
Prerequisites 00:25
Setting up database
Installing and setting up Sequelize 06:16
Creating application models 12:20
Defining models relationships 03:14
Database seeding 05:25
Getting started with GraphQL
Creating your first GraphQL server 05:29
Intro to GraphQL playground 05:03
Integrating GraphQL server with database 00:46
GraphQL type definitions
Object type definitions 12:08
Creating a custom DateTime scalar type 05:50
User authentication
Signing up 09:16
Signing in 05:01
Fetching the currently authenticated user 05:32
Fetching all channels 02:01
Creating a new thread 05:57
Fetching a single thread 05:07
Fetching all threads 01:20
Updating a thread 05:04
Replying to threads
Replying a thread 05:08
Marking a reply as favorite 06:26
Unmarking a reply as favorite 02:17
Marking reply as best answer
coming soon
Unmarking a reply as best answer
coming soon
Updating a reply
coming soon
Deleting a reply
coming soon
Realtime updates with GraphQL subscriptions
What is GraphQL subscriptions
coming soon
GraphQL subscriptions setup
coming soon
Subscribing to new thread reply
coming soon
Subscribing to when a reply is favorited
coming soon
Subscribing to when a reply is unfavorited
coming soon
Subscribing to when a reply is marked as best answer
coming soon
Subscribing to when a reply is unmarked as best answer
coming soon
User account settings
Updating user details
coming soon
Changing user password
coming soon
Uploading user avatar
coming soon
User profile
Fetching a single user
coming soon
Admin moderation
Locking a thread
coming soon
Unlocking a thread
coming soon
GraphQL Directives
What is a directive
coming soon
Creating an @auth directive
coming soon
Creating an @isAdmin directive
coming soon
Filtering and pagination
Filtering threads by channels
coming soon
Filtering by solved/unsolved threads
coming soon
Filtering by own threads
coming soon
Pagination: offset-based
coming soon
Pagination: cursor-based
coming soon
Optimizing queries with dataloader
What is dataloader and why use it
coming soon
Using dataloader
coming soon

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Hi, I'm Chimezie Enyinnaya, @ammezie on Twitter. A self-taught software developer based in Lagos, Nigeria, with over 8 years of experience. I enjoy teaching what I have learnt and what I'm currently learning so that others can benefit from it. I'm a technical content creator for Scotch.io and Pusher. I also run a YouTube channel where I share tutorials on modern web development.

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