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Learn AdonisJs: from zero to deploy

Learn AdonisJs by building a production-ready application completely from scratch.

45 lessons
5.2 hours
91 students enrolled
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AdonisJs is a Node.js MVC framework and I’ve been using it since the early days of version 3. Over the years I’ve written various tutorials as well as recorded screencasts on the framework. I have put this course together to help you learn AdonisJs the most efficient way. This is a project-based course, so you'll get to learn AdonisJs by building a production-ready application completely from scratch.

Together we'll build Podcast, a podcast platform where users can signup and create their own podcast channel, and upload episodes to the podcast. Other users will be able to subscribe to podcast channels and be notified via email once new episodes are uploaded.

What you'll learn

  • Working with the AdonisJs CLI
  • Scaffolding AdonisJs application
  • User authentication
  • Handling file uploads
  • Validate form data
  • Sending mails
  • Understanding the Lucid ORM
  • Define model relationships
  • Seeding Database with data
  • Understand the Edge templating engine
  • Use Laravel Mix in AdonisJs for module bundling and asset compilation
  • Deploying AdonisJs apps to various hosting platforms
  • …and much more

Course outline

What is AdonisJs 1:12
How does AdonisJs compare to Express 1:31
Going over what we’ll be building in this course 2:40
Prerequisites for this course 0:50
Getting Started
Installing the Adonis CLI 2:06
Creating an AdonisJs application 1:34
Going over the directory structure of an AdonisJs application 2:07
Understanding the MVC pattern 5:15
Database setup 1:03
Install and set up Laravel Mix 1:38
Install and set up Bulma CSS 4:06
Lucid Models
Understanding the Lucid ORM 3:05
Creating the application models and migrations 6:10
Defining relationships among models 6:05
Database Seeding
Seeding database with categories 2:09
Edge Templating Engine
Understanding the Edge templating engine 2:39
Creating a master layout 5:49
User Authentication
User sign up 14:39
Signing user out 3:24
User sign in 7:40
Password reset: send password reset email 20:52
Password reset: reset password 10:23
User Account Management
Edit user account details 9:19
Change user password 8:32
Creating a podcast 20:57
Displaying podcasts on homepage 4:24
User podcast dashboard 5:11
Editing a podcast 16:16
Deleting a podcast 6:11
Viewing a podcast 4:15
Browse podcasts by category 8:22
Subscribing user to a podcast 9:08
Unsubscribing user from a podcast 7:32
User subscriptions 3:02
Uploading episode to a podcast 18:47
Playing and downloading a podcast episode 6:54
Authentication middleware 4:52
Creating a guest middleware 3:11
Making sure users can only create a podcast 3:35
Creating a pagination component 14:55
Implementing active navigation state 2:30
Adding a 404 page 3:35
Deploying Our Application
Preparing for deployment 6:02
Deploying to Heroku 15:09
Deploying to Digital Ocean 21:47

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Learn AdonisJs: from zero to deploy
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Meet your Instructor

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Hi, I'm Chimezie Enyinnaya, @ammezie on Twitter. A self-taught software developer based in Lagos, Nigeria, with over 8 years of experience. I enjoy teaching what I have learnt and what I'm currently learning so that others can benefit from it. I'm a technical content creator for Scotch.io and Pusher. I also run a YouTube channel where I share tutorials on modern web development.

What people are saying

@ammezie has always done very good tutorials and articles for @adonisframework. If you wanna commit to this framework, I truly recommend you to subscribe for this course 👌🏼

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Romain Lanz
AdonisJs core team member

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